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Our Board of Directors

We have created a balanced & experienced board of directors to enhance our efficiency, to ensure our company’s prosperity & to protect our shareholders.
Meet our Directors
André Larente

Mr. Larente is the President of the Corporation. Mr. Larente has previously held leading management positions with companies such as Siemens, Syscan International, Newbridge Networks, Legent, Cognos, Tandem Computers and Honeywell Information Systems.

Francis Bellido

Mr. Bellido has spent his career overseeing and leading the development of several organizations in the healthcare industry. He brings sound financial management expertise, deep operating and leadership experience, and a global business perspective that he acquired over 30 years of international experience in the Biosciences, Healthcare and Financial industries. Notably, Mr. Bellido managed a CA$300M life science investment Fund (SGF-Santé) that produced several key players in the Medical Device industry.

Dr. Reid Maclellan, MD, MMSC

Dr. Maclellan received his MD diploma from the University of Alabama School of Medicine. Dr. Maclellan also holds a Master in Medical Sciences degree from Harvard Medical School. His primary area of investigation is focused on vascular anomalies. Dr. Maclellan currently serves on different boards of healthcare organizations.

Robert Dunn

With 40 years of extensive experience in the insurance business, Mr. Dunn brings expertise in, among others, the financial and communications sectors. From 2017 to 2019, Mr. Dunn held the position of Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President of HUB International Québec Ltd.

Vincent Duhamel

Mr. Duhamel has an established track record in overseeing start-up companies and restructuring operations, as well as leading large investment teams in multi-cultural environments. During his career, Mr. Duhamel held several senior positions in Asia and Canada and has played an active role on several boards and committees, including at the CFA Institute, Fiera Capital and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.